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Conference Schedule



09:10 Jin Hong Gang: Greetings from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

09:20 Nevia Dolcini   Natural Cognition: opening remarks


Chair: Nevia Dolcini 

09:40 Daniel D. Hutto ­­ Mind in Skilled Performance: Competence without Content or Comprehension


10:30 Coffee Break 


Chair: Victoria Harrison

11:00 Inês Hipólito    Is there a perception/cognition distinction?

11:30 Veronica Valle   Sense of Presence and Hallucinations

12:00 Amit Chaturvedi   Undercutting Buddhist Non-Conceptualism




Chair: Sophia Deng 

14:40 Davood Gozli  Sense of Agency and Task Difficulty

15:30 Nagireddy Neelakanteswar Reddy   The Sense of Agency, as Operationalized in Experiments, is not a (non-conceptual) Experience/Perception, but is a (Conceptual) Judgment


16:00 Coffee Break


Chair: Lee Ting-mien 

16:30 Anna Ichino Imagination, Belief, and Agency

17:20 Fiona Macpherson  Does Virtual Reality Consist in Veridical, Illusory or Hallucinatory Experience? 







Chair: Mario Wenning 

09:00 Sophia Deng  Categories, Concepts, and Conceptual Development

09:50 Ivan V. Ivanov  Properties in Sight and In Thought


10:20 Coffee Break


Chair: Leong Wai-chun 

10:50 Kengo Miyazono  Perception without Presentational Phenomenology

11:40 Kristjan Laasik   Phenomenology and Perceptual Content

12:10 Oisin Deery  The Concept and Phenomenology of Free Agency




Chair: Davood Gozli 

14:40 Tobias Schlicht  Prospects of Enactive Accounts of Perception

15:30 Itay Shani Befuddling the Mind: Radical Embodiment and the Metaphysics of Experience


16:20 Coffee Break


Chair: Nevia Dolcini 

16:50 Neil Sinhababu  Empathic Representation

17:40 Peter Shiu-Hwa Tsu  Is Moral Perception Essentially Rule-Governed? A Critical Assessment of Generalism and a Limited Defense of Particularism

18:10 Derek Baker  Is the Phenomenology of Desire a Representation of Value?

19:00 Conclusion

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